Heather’s Hope 4 Health

Hey everybody,

I could use a little help. I finally have a great reason to use the connections I have gained to do something for someone that means a lot to me. A few days ago I posted something about “did you ever know someone with an infectious smile…”. Well I do, and she is amazing. She has been dealt a pretty rough hand, and she needs some help. I am so grateful that I have a chance to try to help her. I really don’t know what else to say, so here is her story…

In 2013, Heather Carlock underwent surgery to have her large intestine removed, and after the surgery, she experienced multiple small bowel obstructions.

The following year, she suffered a volvulus, a condition in which her small intestine was twisted, which required surgery. Doctors didn’t expect her to pull through, but thanks to God and the support of her family, she made it through the surgery. After the surgery, she was left with less than a foot of her small intestine—an organ that is typically about 20 feet long. Now a small bowel transplant is essential to her survival.

During this difficult time, Heather is thankful for her husband, Colin; her parents, Dianne and Chuck Halfpenny; and her loved ones, who’ve all been by her side every step of the way. Before her health began to decline, she loved outdoor hobbies, such as hiking and fishing, but her activities are extremely limited these days, as she becomes fatigued and dehydrated so easily. After receiving a transplant, Heather looks forward to getting her life back. She’d love to live what most people consider a “normal” life and be able to spend time with her loved ones outside of a hospital setting. More than anything, she dreams of one day starting a family with Colin, but right now, she needs your help.

The average small bowel transplant costs more than $1 million. And that’s only the beginning. Even with insurance, which will cover a portion of the transplant costs, she still faces significant expenses related to the surgery. For the rest of her life, she will need follow-up care and daily anti-rejection medications, which are as critical to her survival as the transplant itself.

When she receives her transplant, Heather must temporarily relocate nearly 400 miles from her home to be near the hospital during recovery, incurring substantial expenses for travel, food and lodging. Because taking care of her medical needs has become a full time job, she had to stop working, adding to the financial strain.

There is a golf scramble being held to benefit Heather, at Tree Top Golf Course in Manheim, PA on August 15th.  I have teamed up with her husband, Colin, to try to make it one of the best events we can imagine. So, if you care to help, please let me know. We could use teams, sponsors, donations and whatever other help you care to provide. Please get in touch with me if you can help.


Care to help?
Donations can be sent to Hacarlock@gmail.com via paypal http://tinyurl.com/np2ueo2

Thanks in advance,
Herb McNally22

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