Snap-Hookz & McNally22

A few weeks ago I got a message from Mr. Derek Queener, the owner of Snap-Hookz Golf. I love hearing from Derek because he a a great guy, and I love working with him. It turns out that Derek was contacting me to ask if I would partner up on a really cool project. We were going to create the “SH22” line of Snap-Hookz. He wanted me to come up with some cool “LOUD” designs for some of his straps. We went back and forth on some designs, and in very little time we had a very cool collection of artwork for his Snap-Hookz straps.


These designs are now available at at an incredible price of just $22 (imagine that). Stop by and pick one up! It is such a cool product and we just made them even more fun!

25% of all sales of the Puzzle Strap will go to Els For Autism!

Categories: Artwork, Golf, Swag

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