Golf…It Really Is Your Fault

Golf…It Really Is Your Fault
by Kilikagolf

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Alright….I’ve been around this golf stuff a few years now. I’m not privy to all the board room cloak and dagger or the bubble may burst talk but we’ve all been beat over the head with everything that is wrong with golf. It’s too hard, takes too long, too slow, too expensive, too far away, too this, too that and far too white. Let’s make it easier with giant holes and shorter courses. Make the clubs easier to hit? No just take them away completely and kick the ball in, but not that darn little ball. I will give you a big one so it won’t be so hard.

As with anything and everything in life, shit gets hard sometimes. Complaining about it all is so easy…far easier than trying to get better at the things we find challenging. That takes time and effort, like what you should be putting into you golf game you find so hard. It’s not the guy or girl that is standing in the fairway slowing you down. Look to the lakes, the woods or the guy playing spider man up on the green. Ban the ball scoop! That will surely speed those old dudes up. You know the ones I’m talking about? The edge walkers…like zombies looking for the next meal of ProV’s.


I’m so tired of hearing about everything that is wrong with golf in the media and on my various timelines, and not once does anyone say ‘hey man, maybe you need to practice a bit more. While you’re at it, let’s have a chat about ready golf.’ I know all the gadgets pay the bills on your network but the more of that junk that makes its way to the course, the slower things are going to get and the more confusing. I know you got an award for that really cool looking training aide and I’m sure it is really great but it’s just not for me. In the end, it’s still just you, a ball and club.

It’s only about etiquette to a point, just pick up the pace. We all love to be out there away from the things life is hurling our way but after 5 hours I’m good with it, time to go. The screaming kids and life partner will be happy to see you again…and they really don’t care what you shot, how hard golf was or that you waited your turn every single time. You still suck. Golf really is a lot of fun when you realize that. Try not to forget how much fun it really is and that there is nothing wrong with it just the way it is….

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  1. Couldn’t agree more buddy! We’ve seen it all, from 5-somes to beginners hacking away 20+ strokes on a hole instead of picking up to people playing from the tips that can barely reach the fairway! We’ve endured 5 hr rounds just so we can get in the 3 hr rounds! And we keep coming back for more!

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