Things Don’t Just Happen. You Make Them Happen.

Snap-Hookz Golf: Things Don’t Just Happen. You Make Them Happen.
By: Derek Queener, C.E.O., Snap-Hookz Golf

When I made the first accessory hanger at my kitchen table just over a year ago, I had no idea where it would lead or what kind of impact I could make with a company not yet created.

We have all had an idea that we thought would make something easier to do or better in some aspect of our daily lives. Our “flugalbinder“ as Tom Cruise described in the movie Cocktail, that would make millions if we just had the money to get it to market.

Early On
In the beginning, I filled a need for myself and my golf game when I created a simple golf accessory. A gadget if you will, that would snap onto my bag and give me easier access and multiple hanging areas for the accessories I used during a round of golf. As other golfers saw it on my bag at the golf course and began to ask me if I could make them one in “this color” or “that color”, I had flashes of starting a company and business meetings taking place on fabulous golf courses around the world. Well, I did start a company and have never had a business meeting on any course, much less a fabulous one.
What I have done, is create fabulous relationships with incredible people from all around the country and around the world. I had initially just thought about building clients and generating sales to turn my “flugalbinder“ into those dreamt about millions. Now I take such pride in the fact that I produce a quality golf product here in the United States of America and those clients have become my friends – my supporters.


Taking a Gamble  
Any time you venture into the world of new products and new ideas in any market, the risk is huge and the odds are in the favor of the house and not you.
I knew I wanted to follow through with this idea, but putting the little money I did have into a golf product and trying to make a living in an industry I knew very little about, was indeed a scary endeavor to say the least. I followed my dream despite the fear of going broke and having to start all over after leaving my job to become the one man company that is now Snap-Hookz Golf.
If you have an idea and believe in it, go for it and don’t give into fear of failure. If you follow your dreams and put your heart into your product, you have won already. Not trying is the ultimate failure with anything in your life. Not knowing “if” it could have been successful would be far worse than never laying it all on the line.


Keys to Success
I do not have a Harvard MBA or an engineering degree from whatever school has a good engineering program. I’m not saying that I went to the Zoolander School “For Kids That Don’t Read Good”, but I was definitely out of my comfort zone when it came to starting a company from the ground up.

These are the things I feel must occur to be successful:
– Seek out and listen to people that have experience where you do not
– Remember that quality comes from not settling for less than great
– Treat your customers better than they ever imagined they could be treated by a company
– Be creative with your marketing and advertising – make it your own because that is what is real
– Create relationships and friendships, not a client list
– Most importantly – Give back however you can and helps others. It does not take millions to support charities and help people in need, it just takes a little sacrifice

My name is Derek Queener and I am the Inventor and C.E.O. of Snap-Hookz Golf. I am rich in family, engaged to an amazing woman and have an addiction to golf that I struggle with every day. My golf club is across the street and calls my name constantly as I am filling orders and making more and sometimes I give in to it. Sometimes I stress over bills when business is slow but I am all the time grateful for the life I have and the people who are in it. I wake up every day and I am good to people and no matter what I do or where I am at in my life, I know I can do more. I want to be great in business, but more importantly I want to finish my life better than I started it.
My promise to those who know me and will know me through this company in the future – I will always try to give you the best product and service I can and I will help anyone starting a new business or fighting for a cause if I am able.

In this world things don’t just happen – we make them happen.

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