The 2016 Season is Here!


The 2016 golf season is here, and I am really excited about it. I am possibly more excited for this year than I have been at the start of any season I can remember. 2015 was pretty incredible, and I think this year is going to be even better.

We might not see Tiger this year. No, that is not what is going to make it great. It will simply prove that golf can be great without him. I believe it will be even better. I hope he gets healthy. I hope he comes back next year at the top of his game. I hope he wins more majors, and I hope he gets to 19. I doubt he will, but it would be great if he did. You can’t argue that he hasn’t done as much for golf what Michael Jordan did for basketball. He did more.

Now, we have Jordan Spieth. The kid is amazing and he is dominating the game right now. Hopefully he will have the longevity that Tiger has. Hopefully he will do even more for the game. According to Rory, this is going to be a tough year for Jordan, and he won’t continue his dominance. Respectfully, I think Rory is very wrong. Jordan is going to do what he couldn’t. I would love to see Rory finish his Career Grand Slam this year, but I would like it even more if he finished second to Jordan. This is just a small piece of what I am looking forward to this year.

I hope Jason Day continues playing like he did last year, and I hope we don’t have to witness the vertigo issues that he went through at the U.S. Open again. In my opinion, he is the most likeable player on tour these days.

It would be nice to see Dustin Johnson get it done this year as well. I just hope he can keep his nose clean.

The only thing I would like to see more than Jordan and Rory battle it out at the Masters would be a battle of the lefties, Bubba and Phil. I would love to see either one of those guys put on another green jacket.

Maybe Rickie Fowler will get something going. That win at the Players last year was one of the best finishes in golf that I have seen. He’s certainly got it in him to win, but sadly, he is known more for loud clothing and hi-tops. If that is playing a part in getting kids into golf, great! I just wish he would bring back the long hair.

Speaking of bringing back the hair, where did Jason Dufner go? I miss that guy. I miss Keegan too. Hopefully we will see a little more of those guys this year.

There are certainly plenty of guys to cheer for right now. Reed, Koepka, Haas, Billy Ho and Justin Thomas could all get some big wins this year. Sneds, Kuchar & Zach could easily remind us that they aren’t going anywhere.

No matter how the season plays out, it is going to be fun to watch. We are going to see even more new names, and I am sure we will see Spieth add to his majors total.

I know I am leaving out a lot of great names from around the world. I love watching Stenson, Rose, Lowry, Scott and many others as well. But it’s a Ryder Cup year, and that cup is staying here this year. There is a new generation of American golfers on the way, and the future is looking good.

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