Majors Challenge


The final major is upon us!

How to play: Pick 4 players for the upcoming major. Email your picks to with “Majors Picks” in the subject line. Be sure to rank your picks from #1 being your favorite to win and #4 being your least favorite. This will help to determine tie-breakers. Picking the winner in the #1 spot will not necessarily ensure victory. The winner will be the person whose group is the most strokes under par. In the event of a tie the #4 pick will be removed from the tied groups and the score will be re-calculated, then the #3 and so on. If there is still a tie, the person who submitted their picks first will be the ultimate winner – I will use the email timestamps from submitted entries. If a player is selected that does not compete, their score will be a zero, and the final score for the entry will be a total of the remaining 3 golfers. If a player misses the cut, his “to-par” score for the first two rounds will still be calculated into the total score. If a chosen player withdrawals, his “to-par” at the time of withdrawal will be calculated into the final score. Early submissions are appreciated. Updates will be accepted up until midnight prior to the first round of the tournament. This will cause the timestamp of the entry to be updated. You must be following me on Twitter, Instagram or like McNally22 on Facebook to qualify. When emailing your picks, please let me know where you follow and include you user name for any of the 3 accounts. Also, these picks will be shared publicly, so let me know how you would prefer to be listed in the results (give me a user name). There will be one winner for each of the 4 majors as well as an overall winner for the season (Overall winner must have participated in all 4 majors). If there is a tie for the overall winner, I will subtract tournament scores in reverse order and recalculate. For example, If two people are tie in the end, I will subtract the PGA Champion Points and recalculate. If they are still tie, I will remove the Open Championship and so on. Again, all winners will be determined by strokes under par for the players that are chosen. All picks must me emailed to by midnight (EST) prior to the start of the tournament’s first round. I have a lot of cool prizes to give away, and I will ship them wherever I need to. This contest is not limited to residents of the United States. Share it with your friends, and tell them to give me a follow or a like to get involved. A huge thanks to 3upGolf, 59Belts, PhotoBallMarker, Spakesology, 18ForeLife, GolfDotz, Teecil, StampYourBalls, Snap-Hookz, Skramble, BPutters, Buzelli Putters, GoTimeGolf, Major Chase and so many more for providing some nice swag to share with the winners. Please check them out! Email me if you have any questions, and most importantly HAVE FUN! Good luck. And again, bare with me. I have never run something like this before. Herb – McNally22

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  1. Hey Herb, it’s the golfin Bohab from Twitter. Not sure if this is where I leave my picks but here it goes. Speith, kuchar Rory and Day.

  2. Hey Herb, My name is Kevin Warner. I “liked” you on facebook. I’m good friends with your fiancé Courtney. My picks are Henrik Stenson, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, and Jordan Spieth

  3. Herb my pics are Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson and Rory. Thanks for hosting these contests! Chris Conley

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