Winner Winner Ramen Dinner

By Trey Corder

On this beautiful winter day, clouds in the sky, the sun was shining as far as I could tell from sitting on my couch. While chilling here in my zombie state, creeping my way through Instagram, I come across this contest, “#bputtersbirdiedance” it said. Instantly I clicked on this random guys page and started going through it. My curiosity had taken over and I was blankly staring at the videos that were submitted. At that moment, I knew I had to take part in this serious business.

While standing in the kitchen pondering what kind of video I wanted to make, I made some Ramen Noodles. I’ve been perfecting a recipe for them adding Tabasco sauce, pepper, and French’s French Fried Onions. Trust me it tastes really good. Finally it hit; the perfect idea for the video. Just a short year and a half ago when I was at my former college, me and my group in my computer class made a stop motion video on how to make a pizza. Now the only question left was how I was going to make my idea come to life.

Attempt #1
Sitting in the hallway trying to move the golf ball and take pictures at the same time with no stand is a big no no. I took a total of 30 pictures until I noticed that my hand or foot was in every shot. Also I would forget what angle I was using.

Attempt #2
Same result as #1……. Just so $&”!?,. “@$@”-$/$-  frustrating.

Attempt #3
Thank you baby Jesus I got it right this time. It took some outside the box thinking to come up with how I was going to keep my phone steady while moving the ball centimeter by centimeter. Looking around, I noticed the ironing board. I pulled it out and set my phone on the very edge pointing down at the floor and slowing started the magical process. 122 photos later and a bit of (non)Professional video editing, it was finished and ready to submit to Mr. McNally.

This video doesn’t exist

Now that the video was submitted you would think your stress levels would go down. Nope!!!!! All I could do was think about whether I was going to get votes or if people would like the video. Tick tock…. Tick tock….. Time just moved by so slowly during the voting week – checking every 10 minutes to see how my video was doing. Every time my masterpiece dropped a percentage, my heart dropped even harder. At one point I thought I might have a heart attack!!!!!! (Not really, but I thought it would make the story more dramatic).

Finally the day had came. The voting was going to come to a close. 30 minutes left and only 5% ahead in the total votes. Minute by minute and second by second…waiting for time to hurry up because I also wanted to get off work. Working on Black Friday was already a hassle itself but this didn’t make it any better. 11 o’clock hits and I’m finally off work. Checking the last tally of votes I see that I have achieved victory! Sweet, sweet victory I tell you! The next thing I did was get in my truck and went to Del Taco and went through the drive through. I have to say it was pretty tasty chicken burrito and french fries. The only thing left to do now was celebrate and wait for my package to come in.

Why must these days be so long!!!! Each day seems too drag on longer and longer. Can’t my package just show up already? “Nope” says the delivery man! As the days, passed I also became very anxious. I would start to shake and lay in the fetal position and rock back in forth. Get your self together Trey!!!

It is now Tuesday. About a week after the competition has ended and I haven’t had even a whiff of the putters scent. Sitting on the couch, my Dad asks me to go golfing with him and says he will be at the course in about an hour. I’m bummed out. I want my new putter. I want to caress it and give it some love. Debating on whether I should go or not, I hear a knock on the door….. “Hmmm, who could that be?” I said to myself. I walk to the door and when I opened it I had a great surprise! Monkeys and circus clowns and jugglers everywhere!!! No, not really but the UPS guy was holding my putter. Almost screaming like a little girl, I ran into the house with my package.

Finally, I hold in my hands the BPutter. The most glorious thing I have ever looked at in the world. Oh so shiny. Just mesmerized and in awe while gently holding it. The anticipation and the stress was finally was over. The journey was complete. Who knew that you could fall in love with metal stick that you hit tiny white balls with so fast. Just pure bliss.

Thank you for reading my terribly over dramatized story. I really hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to every one who entered the competition and especially thank you Antonio and Herb. These are probably the nicest and most generous guys you will meet. Please go check out You won’t regret it. Also don’t forget to leave a comment and tell Herb how awesome he is!


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