Sweet Spot: Confessions of a Golfaholic

I am a pretty busy guy, and I don’t have a whole lot of time in my life to sit and read. When I do get the chance I read golf books (go figure). I am not the only one. We love our golf books – instructional, biographical, comical – we love them. Well, here is a new one to love… Sweet Spot: Confessions of a Golfaholic

For those of you golfers who have questioned whether or not you are addicted to the game, to the swing, or have become slaves to your handicap? Check out “Sweetspot:Confessions of a Golfaholic.” Has your marriage ever been put under stress because of golf? Are you in denial? Do you find yourself thinking about golf during the day and fall asleep thinking about grooving your swing at night? How many times in the last year have you found yourself deceiving your spouse over the amount of golf you’re playing? Have you snuck out of work to hit a lunchtime bucket or a quick nine? Got caught and lied? Been late or missed your kid’s Little League games and soccer matches? In short has your lust for golf made your life become unmanageable? This novel won’t solve your addiction problem, but…you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re not alone!”

Cheers everyone and happy holidays. John O


Amazon Reviews:

“Sweet Spot: Confessions of a Golfaholic is a wild, cool-eyed, hilarious look at human quirkiness and the sometimes darker nature of suburbia. The cast of characters are recognizable and all too human. Clever use of a golf addiction as the vehicle for a wild ride of a midlife crisis, obsession, self destruction, and, thankfully, redemption. As told by someone who clearly loves the games of golf and life.”

“This book is hilarious. If you are a golfer, know a golfer, or are married to a golfer, this is the book for you. John O’Hern takes you on a journey filled with the funniest twists and turns. Not entirely grounded in reality, which makes it even more entertaining. With autumn upon us, this book would be a great gift for the duffer that has put her or his clubs away for the season. And for the golf widows out there, a very entertaining tonic for your woes. This is a “10 star” book, although Amazon ratings only go up to 5 stars.”

“John O’Hern will keep you riveted to his book “Sweetspot Confessions of a Golfoholic. If you are a serious Golfer you may experience tears of laughter and possibly pain if you identify too closely with the story. I could not put John’s book down until the end! I will read it often.”

Grab a Copy at amazon or at sweetspotthebook.com

And be sure to give John a follow on Twitter: @SweetspotComedy

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