congrats to   &  – your swag will ship tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped share!

It’s the 2014 holiday season and I want to share a bunch of great stuff with you folks. I have worked with a lot of great people this year and thanks to many of them I have a bunch of cool stuff to give away. (I am seriously excited about this)

Let’s get started with a huge thanks to 3up Golf, 59 Belts, Photo Ball Marker, Spakesology Golf, Snaphookz, I Love Golf video, Jay’s Golf, Skramble, Teecil, Go Time Golf, Stamp Your Balls, Players Towel & Patrick Gibbons Handmade for all of the great stuff that I have to share. Please take the time to follow the links to their sites and check them out.


How to win: There is no dancing, only sharing.
Share this post, tag me and use the hashtag #22DaysOfChristmas. Retweet my post on twitter, share it on Facebook, re-post is on Instagram. Just share it. You’ll probably get some bonus points if you make me laugh or even leave a comment on this post. Let me know if you plan to share your swag and who you plan to share it with. Tag them if you want. There are no real rules to this one. Just share and I will pick 3 winners within the next week or so and send you a box of this awesome golf swag. (Not all boxes will be the same, but you’re going to get a lot of goodies)

And please don’t shy away because of the “Christmas”. It is just the hashtag that I chose. I don’t care what you celebrate. I don’t care if you don’t celebrate. My family celebrates Christmas, and that is what I know. We are not here because of our holidays. We are here because we love golf.


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  1. Sharing is caring my man. I will gladly share any swag coming my way i can send you some of my gently used ginch in return

  2. I have a friend who has started golfing again and is amazed at “swag” and new items that are out there. I will share the “swag” experience and update her gear! Merry HoHo!!

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