This is Golf: A True Love

This is Golf: A True Love
By Antonio Biagioli, Founder of BPutters

When I was asked why I play golf,  I replied with no hesitation that golf made me free.

It’s hard to express the feeling of joy and peace of going out on a golf course. The morning breeze,  the smell of freshly cut grass, the thrill of a round that is about to start are all absolutely indescribable moments.

This is golf: a true love, a pure passion, a curse. It goes inside you, through your veins, your spirit and never leaves you.

Golfers will immediately understand each other, smile at each other, become friends and brothers.  They share the pure joy and pride to be golfers at a glance. No one else understands this bond.

In my personal story though, at some point my back began to be an issue. Golf days become few and were met with a lot of pain. I started then to think of quitting the game.

Through those hard days, I came to the realization that the love and devotion for golf could take many forms. Then I started to create putters: the most intimate and important part of the game. The green is the place  where you feel the smell of the grass, its curves, almost its soul. Using my expertise, much love, committment and dedication, I came up with Bputters.

The entire line of my putters represents the essence of golf. Every model wants to look like each of us.
Quite simply…I love my putters. I love golf. I love golfers.

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