The BPutters International Birdie Dance Contest

We at BPutters believe that golf is life and life has to be lived with joy and enthusiasm. We’ve always embraced the idea of sponsoring an event like this, with the hope that everyone has fun while having the chance to win a great BPutters Hammer.

None of this could have been possible without the help and the dedication of a dear friend, fine artist and good golfer too:  Herb McNally, McNally22
Enjoy …and dance” 🙂

– Antonio Biagioli

For those of you that have not had the honor of getting to know Antonio and BPutters, you are missing out. He is kind, professional and passionate about his work, his life and the game of golf. He has created a line of putters that mirror all of this. They are beautiful. They are refined. They are simply badass and Antonio has given me the opportunity to join him in creating a contest to make someone a proud new owner of one of them. Thank you, Antonio. I am honored.


The Contest:

From now until November 22nd, we want to see your #BPuttersBirdieDance. Film it and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. After the submission deadline, we will choose our favorites and post them right here at for the world to vote on. Voting with be open for approximately 2 weeks. The winner will receive the BPutters Hammer model in time for Christmas!



  • Don’t feel like this has to be a professionally shot and produced video. Anybody can win. Just do what you can and have some fun with it! Music, good lighting and editing can’t hurt if you have the means.
  • No you don’t have to actually make a birdie, but the video must begin with you sinking a putt of at least 5 feet. Then DANCE! Try to keep it clean though. This is a family-friendly contest. However, if you have the means to censor, go for it. 😉
  • And PLEASE remember to take care of our beloved greens. Don’t tear them up with your spikes. Dance in the rough if you have to.
  • One submission per person, please. Submit as many as you want!
  • Lastly, you must use a GOLF ball (not a soccer ball or football) in a REGULATION (4.25″, not 15″) hole. After all, this is a contest for people that love golf. Feel free to use any kind of putter though, even if it’s anchored. 😉
  • FACEBOOK – tag @BPutters & @McNally22 & use hashtag #BPuttersBirdieDance
  • TWITTER – tag @BPutters & @McTwentyTwo & use hashtag #BPuttersBirdieDance
  • INSTAGRAM – tag @BPuttersGolf & @Herb_McNally22 & use #BPuttersBirdieDance
  • Promote and share. Let’s have some fun and get Antonio some well-deserved attention.

Good luck and have fun! Let me know if you have any questions.

To Greg Francis and for helping with the promo video:
Thank you, brother.


*Please note that by submitting a video to this contest, you grant permission to Herb McNally and associates to use your clip in future promotions.

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