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Greg Francis, the larger than life CEO of has produced globally-viewed golf shows, including one of America’s favourites – the now infamous ‘The Wild Thing’ with his friend John Daly, which he solely negotiated.
He told us, “We didn’t want to do shows for the rest of us. We wanted to do shows that people would actually watch.” He continued, “Everyone talks about growing the game, forgetting why people get so addicted to golf. What other sport can you go out, picture your boss’s face on the ball, whack it and then abuse it as it flies through the air, usually in the wrong direction? We set out to do two things – treat our viewers like adults and allow them watch advert free original and existing programming from around the Globe.”
On his move away from traditional TV he told us “When I was on an International broadcaster, their coverage was a real tester of my heart. I mean it used to stop for all the wrong reasons. People want easy access to watch golf, get free lessons on their phones and tablets and be entertained without feeling they have a front row seat in an old folks home.”
On his own career we asked him about being the biggest guy physically on TV and if knocking out one of his interviewees made his transition from traditional TV to the web easier. “See there you go again” he exclaimed. “Golf is not a game for supermodels and I am certainly no model” he says dragging from a Marlboro. In regard to the knockout, “Look the guy I knocked out was from Japan and even though he spoke English, he asked if he could answer in Japanese. ‘Sure’ I said. As long as I could ask him the questions in Irish (Francis speaks fluent Gaelic). Well, the interview went so well I asked him could I do a daikyū – you know the deep bow – and my natural exuberance got the better of me. Story over.”
glass of beer on a white backgroundOn the new shows which include at least three “mature” shows, Hillbillies, Golfjugger and a brand new offering from former MTV comedian Mike Ricca, Francis says “I remember when my wife and I were rich. I call it ‘pre-Jug’. We got an interior designer who pushed us to design rooms based on what we choose for the curtains. I mean every time she opened her mouth my head hurt and I just didn’t get it.” Regarding the graphics team of Golf, Francis continued, “So we trawled the earth looking for a design and creative guru. We were looking for someone who was able to design a logo for each show and basically dictate what the show contents would be. We threw titles out to 50 designers from everywhere and found this guy Herb McNally. Herb is just an absolutely a pleasure to deal with – I mean the guy is super fast and really gets it”. Herb, often known as McNally22, has been a designing for nearly 20 years.
Francis continued, “Herb gave the ad agencies a real lesson in delivery and originality. He is such an easy going but highly creative guy. We only spoke for the first time ‘proper’ after he did the first show title.”
On handing the whole design for one outfit Francis told us “The whole look of the shows is really important to us and I never envisioned giving such a huge task to one team. But ‘Hey’, Golf is all about brotherhood and Herb just blew it out of the water and continues to blow us away with every new design. Why would we ever work with anyone else?”
A word or 22 from Herb: It’s an absolute honor to be working with Greg and It’s even more of an honor to call Greg a friend. This site is going to be amazing and I really hope you all check it out. IT’S FREE!!! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. And yes, I created all of those graphics. The twins? Nature graced us with those two lovely ladies. Thanks to Greg. Thanks to you all!

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