$5 Off Photo Ball Markers!

I have been very lucky to meet a lot of great people in the golf world over the past couple of years. I have also dealt with a lot of awesome golf companies and have gotten to know the people behind them. One of my personal favorites if Photo Ball Marker. Most of you know them, I am sure. If you don’t, You HAVE TO check them out. If there is one thing we all love (besides the game, obviously) it’s swag, and the swag is even better when it is personally customized. That is what Photo Ball Marker is all about.


Fixing a pitch mark (YOU BETTER FIX IT!) from a beautiful approach shot and proudly marking your ball that is closer than your buddy’s are some of the most enjoyable things in a round of golf. You can make those things even better with a Photo Ball Marker. You can put a picture on there that will remind you to smile, laugh, relax or even poke some fun at your golf buddies. You can use it to promote yourself or your business. Give it as a gift. Share it with family, friends and clients. Divot Tools, Hat Clips, Necklaces, Key Chains, Awesome!

IMG_6779I am honored to announce that I have teamed up with Photo Ball Marker to offer a discount to anyone that would like me to help them with their design. I’m here to help you make that personalized swag PERFECT – color-correction, original designs, logos… Just let me know what you need. After we’re finished I will give you a promo code and you will receive $5 off your order. Pretty cool, huh? 😉

Whether you want my help or not, GO CHECK OUT PHOTO BALL MARKER!
PhotoBallMarker.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Press Release

Thank You Ken and Charlotte!

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