Review My Golf Pro

RMGPReview My Golf Pro is a new resource designed to help golfers find the right teaching professionals in their area to help them play the best golf they can. In essence, it is Yelp or Angie’s List for the golf learning experience. You can find golfer reviews of just about everything on-line; courses, equipment, shoes, training aids, but why not the most important aspect of learning to play golf,  The paid instructor.  Review My Golf Pro will finally fill that void.  In these early days we are very focused on gathering as many golfer reviews of golf pros as we can.  In some places we do not have many, but in others we do.  The key to our success will be in getting golfers to post reviews when they have lessons so that others can learn from their experience.

For a limited time we are offering an added incentive for golfers to review their instructors.  Anyone who signs up and reviews a pro will not only be entered into a monthly prize drawing, but will also receive a free 3 month membership to Golf Card International.  Golf Card not only features discounts on greens fees and products at thousands of courses and golf shops nationwide, but the 3 month membership comes with a full year of Golf Digest and other great benefits.

In researching our business we could not believe that this service did not exist. Google “Golf Pro Reviews” and you get nothing. Just a couple of really old find-a-pro resources and the PGA’s find an instructor site. Simple listings, really.  Now the yellow pages are great but what golfers need are true reviews that shed light on teaching ability, communication styles, technology and specializations. You will see that our review format rates some of these things and lets you expand on the others.  So stop on over to and tell us about your instructor. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, you’ll be helping others find the right instructor for their game and maybe even helping an instructor get better at what they do too.

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