Par Line 3/22/14

Today, Courtney and I decided to play a round at Par Line Golf Course in Elizabethtown, PA. We love the course because it has so many fun holes, though the conditions are never the greatest.

ParLine0314_01I had a pretty good round – shot an 86. My personal best (80) happened at this course, and I am pretty confident that I will break it here one day. Courtney hit a lot of great shots today, but decided not to keep a scorecard and just enjoy herself. Her allergies were bothering her, so I prefer to say she pulled a “Bubba”.

ParLine0314_03I FINALLY have some confidence with my driver again. I hit a lot of great tee shots with it today. The fairways were still pretty wet, so there was barely any roll, but I still managed to hit a few close to 250. I was really happy with my ball striking. A lot of shots just felt SO GOOD. You know that feeling.

ParLine0314_04I don’t like to make excuses for my game, because I honestly try not to care that much about how I play. However, it was pretty windy out there – around 20mph most over the day. I missed a lot of greens within 5-10 yards. The positive thing is that my short game and my putter were both feeling solid, and I walked away from the round with 27 putts.

photoThe biggest disappointment of the round was losing the ball that I started the season with. I played 18 with it last weekend, and figured I would see how long I could keep it going. Sadly, he didn’t survive round 2.

Oh well. Back at it tomorrow!
#LoveGolf #LaughAlot

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