Noochie Golf

Noochie Golf LLC is an Arizona run company made up of a dedicated team of enthusiasts whose goal is to produce a product that is child centered, imagination driven and quality assured.  With 4 pieces and over 15 different combinations, the course offers a unique quality that has yet to be found in the marketplace.  Made of durable plastic parts, it is engineered to withstand the high demands of active use.

NoochiGolf1Noochie Golf LLC was invented by brothers Dom and Tre after a trip to the miniature golf course with their parents.  They fell in love with the game, and were determined to find a way to play ‘at home.’  Their original invention was made up of plastic bottles, boxes and anything else they could find.  According to their mom, as soon as one ‘course’ was picked up another was in production!

NoochiGolf2Eventually, with the encouragement of their parents, the boys began to construct more durable structures. Although it was Dom that originally persuaded his brother to help him build mini courses at home,  Tre is credited with the original concept of the interlocking pieces.  Together, along with some help from their parents, the boys have developed a product that is truly ‘kid-tested.’

Fun for the entire family, Noochie Golf brings the miniature golf experience to your doorstep without the expense of traditional synthetic putting grass.

Visit the Noochie Golf website, follow them on Twitter and please take a moment to check out their KickStarter.

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