3 Up Golf’s Recipe for Brand Success

3 Up Golf’s Recipe for Brand Success
By Rob Zimmerman – President of 3 Up Golf

3UpHeaderOnce in your lifetime you should set out to defy the odds. Do something that “conventional wisdom” says shouldn’t be possible. About two years ago I had a moment of clarity that led me to an impossible venture: starting a golf ball company. A well established industry with entrenched oligarchies in place, starting a golf ball company would require something special, unique, and extraordinarily exceptional.

Some would say that 3 Up Golf is impossibly small to be a player in the golf ball industry. Sure, we may be small, but with the power of social media we can reach more than any army of salesman could. Social media opens doors that otherwise would never have been seen to most companies. Those proverbial social media doors are exactly how I’ve made the acquaintance of one Herb McNally!

So how does a company stand out and build a brand in a “David vs. Goliath” scenario? The recipe is simpler than you’d think: Your ingredients are the building blocks of success. Without great ingredients it doesn’t matter how you put them together, you can only pretty up a pig so much.

Secret Sauce
Your secret sauce is yours. It’s something that nobody else does. This is what people come back for time and time again. What can you offer that nobody else has?

Tech Savviness
It’s 2014. If you don’t know how to take a picture with your phone, post it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you’ve lost the battle against Goliath already. You don’t need to be a graphic artist expert but having some familiarity in basic graphic editing helps. What’s that? Photoshop doesn’t run in your veins? This is where Herb’s expertise comes in. His skills as a graphic editor and artist can help add to your secret sauce by creating unique imagery that enhances your brand.

Pure Enthusiasm
Fake enthusiasm is easy to smoke out. Your followers aren’t going to want to hear fake pitches of how awesome your product is. If you eat, sleep, and breathe your product then chances are your enthusiasm will run true.

Mixing The Ingredients
I specifically call out serving this recipe “neat” because consumers want the naked truth. They don’t want marketing mumbo-jumbo and commercial-like scripts thrown at them. Be transparent, be honest, and most importantly – ask people what they think. Building a brand is a continual building process. Without feedback you’re simply guessing.

3upMartiniSocial media is a very visual conduit by which brands can communicate. You’re doing yourself a disservice by relying only on links to articles and text-based messaging to interact with your audience. Pictures can convey your message in ways that written word simply can’t hold a candle to.

So, has 3 Up Golf defied the odds and done the impossible? Early during the prototype phase of building our golf ball, the 3F12, someone told me: “You’re either an idiot or a complete genius.” Every day that goes by it’s looking less and less like the former.

RobSwingTo learn more about 3 Up Golf and say hello to Rob visit their website. You can also follow 3 Up Golf on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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