Bunkers Paradise

In the summer of 2012 Ken Lee took on what seemed to be a monumental task.  He would try and resurrect a seemingly dead website, BunkersParadise.com.  Ken subsequently started recruiting golf writers with a passion for the game and growing it.  With nothing to review other than what was currently in their bags and editorial material that consisted of simply writing about current events in golf, the newly assembled crew at Bunkers Paradise dug their heels in and were determined to grow not only the website, but the game of golf.

BP_1Fast forward 2 years.  Bunkers Paradise is now the fastest growing golf community in the industry.  The term “all inclusive” is on display as Bunkers Paradise is an exceptional place to find equipment reviews, top notch tips from the pros, engaging editorials, and a forum community that is second to none.  Bunkers Paradise has also revolutionized the golf community with the utilization of social networking to fully interact with our fans.

BP_2We here at Bunkers Paradise keep pumping out content every day for one simple reason…..we love golf and everything it stands for.  We love the passion, the never ending quest for improvement.  And most of all we love talking about it with the fellow avid golfers around the world.  They are what makes Bunkers Paradise the greatest community in golf.

BP_3The future is bright for Bunkers Paradise and everyone involved.  We will continue to work tirelessly to bring the highest quality content for everyone to enjoy.

Bruce McFarlane (@Bam_BP)
Senior Editor for Bunkers Paradise


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