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Levi_HeaderReview: Routine Golf Gear by Levi Slings

Anyone can slap a logo on some clothes and sell them, right? That was my opinion when I first encountered Routine Golf Gear. But, I’m all for supporting a small business trying to get started, and I also happened to know the designer of the logo, so I followed @routinegolfgear on Twitter. The day the website went live, I plunked down a few moderately hard earned dollars for an RGG t-shirt and hat. I received my order, and I occasionally wore the merchandise.

I’m not going to talk about the quality or fit of the clothing, although it’s as advertised and really good stuff. I’m going to talk about what I know about the company, and why I’ve ordered more merchandise from Routine Golf Gear.

My initial experience with RGG was as expected from a small company. I received the order as expected, when expected. Granted, it was a t-shirt and hat (how bad can someone mess that up?) but, it was still nice to get the order promptly. Then, shortly after the order was received, I got a Twitter direct message from RGG asking if everything was as expected. Hell yes it was as expected, and they certainly didn’t have to ask me that. My initial order was well over a year ago. Since then, RGG and myself have followed each other on Twitter, and corresponded occasionally. No big deal, I suppose, for any company trying to make a name for itself. In the past year, while wearing my RGG hat, I get repeated questions about the logo and what exactly it is. I always explain it’s a small company, trying to sell gear to the golfer, that’s equally as wearable off the course as it is on. Anyone can wear a hat from one of the big golf companies but seeing someone else with an RGG hat instantly starts a conversation. It’s almost like you’re a member of a club that few others know exists.

Levi_RGG_ArtEarlier this year, it was arranged that Mr. RGG himself (Mike) was going to meet a group of us at the Waste Management Open in Phoenix last month. I had ordered some new gear about that time, and rather than pay for shipping, Mike offered to bring the items to Phoenix with him. I’ve dealt with a lot of companies, and this small gesture meant the world to me. Then I met Mike, and everything made sense. If I didn’t like his gear before (I did), there would be no way to not like it now. I was privileged enough to spend a day at the WMO with Mike, and got to know him not just as RGG, but as Mike. I listened to his goals and aspirations, and got the feeling that this company wasn’t just a hobby, but something that he felt could turn into something big. Mike is in the process of getting his gear into pro shops across North America (he recently signed a deal with a Canadian course), and is continuing to sell his merchandise online. He continues to be open to suggestions, realizing that the customer will only buy what the customer wants.

Anyone can slap a logo on some clothes and sell them. Very few can offer the quality and personal service that Mike of Routine Golf Gear can offer. Go buy some RGG gear.

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