Adversity & Amusement, I bleed Golf.

‘A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.’ You may be surprised to know this is not the Oxford English dictionary definition of  golf. It’s one of several definitions of masochism. But it could be the former? I bleed Golf is another way of saying ‘golf is in my blood, pumping through my veins’. It’s part of my identity, it’s not just something I do for fun. Despite the calamity I often face on the course, I’ll just keep on coming back.IBG_Adversity_1

As much as I admire the greats of the game, I’m never going to be like them. As a matter of fact, having played the game hundreds of times I may turn up to a game tomorrow and play as if I was a beginner. I’ll flog the ball around left and right, high and low through pine trees and water hazards. Who knows, maybe next week I’ll shoot my personal best? Great golfers are so consistent but the majority of us mere mortal amateurs who play golf are anything but.

It doesn’t matter though. In a sense it’s the difficulty in attaining consistency that keeps me coming back. I’m a golf masochist, I’m a bleeder. If I’m not playing it, I’m practicing it, or imagining playing it, or writing about it, or watching it, or talking about it.

You get the idea, perhaps you feel the same way?IBG_Adversity_2

Whoever coined the phrase ‘laugh in the face of adversity’ must have been a golfer, and most likely a bleeder. This brings me onto my next point.

I have experienced many, random, unusual and hilariously funny things whilst playing golf. Rogue squirrels, whacky swings, eccentric playing partners and people falling flat on their arse whilst backing out of bunkers. (To name a few).

My love for the game and the random absurd hilarity of it all are the two fundamental reasons why the I bleed Golf platform exists. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and on the web. If you #lovegolf and like to #laughalot, please share your stories with us and join us in celebrating the conquests and conflicts of the amateur golfer!IBG_Adversity_3

Yours in flog,
Steve @ IBG
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