I Love Golf.

I, quite simply, love golf. I love the game, whether playing a round by myself, playing with friends, or playing with total strangers for the first time. I love the hours it gives me to get away, lose myself and just enjoy (and sometimes curse) my surroundings. I love the challenge of improving something that nobody will ever get perfect. It really is quite simple.

VULGARITY WARNING: Gonna just let this flow…

I hate drama, I hate petty bullshit, and most of all I hate the media. Did the Golf Channel turn into the Soap Opera Network before of after NBC bought them. I guess it was before that – right around the time the sports media world became more interested in Rachel Uchitel (one of Tiger’s many whores) than Luke Donald.  Stop counting majors, start counting mistresses.

Now, I am all for having a little fun. Dufnering is hilarious, and it is impossible not to make fun of Keegan staring down a putt. I am a Sergio fan. Yes, he was out of line with the whole “Fried Chicken” thing, but I am a fan of Sergio the golfer, not Sergio the man. I don’t know him, and I only get to see what the media cares to show me. We can argue which is worse, racism or adultery, all day long.

Even during the Ryder Cup all I really wanted was to see some great golf. Sure there was joking and ball-busting with buddies across the pond, but that was all in fun. Yes, I wish the U.S. team had gotten the win, but what really matters is the fact that Medinah was AWESOME. Congrats, once again, to the Europeans. I hope Seve is still smiling about that show. (Let’s go U.S. Ladies)

We are starting to lose focus on what matters and it is really starting to piss me off. The names IJP, Lee Westwood and even Howard Stern were mentioned as much in golf talk as Jason Dufner these past few days. I hate the mashed potato guy as much as anybody. I wish they would start tossing those jackasses out of events. Something needs to be done before more players start reacting. More and more of these douche bags are going to start yelling absurd bullshit just to get under players’ skin.

I am not saying that I blame Poulter, Westwood or any other player for lashing out about it. They are only human. However, I fear that it is only going to add fuel to the fire of stupidity. After all, we know how much the media loves to spew garbage.

Regardless of where this goes, we need to congratulate Jason Dufner. That was an awesome win!

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  1. Herb, I agree 100% – almost. I’m not a Sergio fan, but I certainly respect his golf game. Otherwise, I completely agree.

    Dufner just kept hitting quality shots all day. That’s what should be talked about.

    We still need to tee it up some day. We’d have a blast!

    • Thanks Howard. I have no doubt that we will be able to make that happen one day. Thank you very much for reading. I am going to make an effort to be a little more active on my site again.

  2. I like what you say….I have trouble watching the GC even for a bit of late, particularly since the Corporate change. My direct tv package was geared around having GC in it.
    Now I could care less. Morning Drive which had early merit and a nice Golf Heads-up show, frankly is PU now . Mr Chamblee is way too interested in making news or even being the news, for my taste. He’s one of the few southern dudes who speaks so fast he tends to lose his breath in his commentary or rants or whatever he does. That’s probably petty of me to say but he has rubbed me wrong for some time. I love this game for many a year, play it a minimum of three times a week here in Pa and occasionally a fourth with a solid group of guys numbering near 12-18 regularly. We respect the way the game is played, have played 3 hour and 20 minutes rounds a lot more than 4 1/2 hour ones.
    Let us get started once again enjoying the special talents of the gifted players who play professionally and earn a ton (way too much but hey that’s where we are today
    with media hype deep pockets). Real golfers love great play and exciting moments
    in the game, and real fans of the game usually respect those in the game who earn that respect. A turd or a smart-ass will always be just that.

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